How Much Does Powerlifting Coaching Cost in the UK?

A powerlifting coach can aid with technique, long-term, tailored training, mental abilities and plans, and competition preparation. The goal of hiring a powerlifting coach is to help you advance in the sport beyond what you could do on your own. So, how do you go about choosing a powerlifting coach and how much does a […]

10 Weightlifting Statistics For Gyms in 2024

Strength training and weightlifting have really changed up the game lately, offering all sorts of cool opportunities and, let’s be real, a few challenges too. Whether you’re a pro lifter or just starting out, keeping up with what’s new in the weight room is key.  Weightlifting is an ancient and competitive sport that requires strength, […]

How To Learn Proper Form at the Gym (Equipment & Exercises)

It can be scary to enter a new gym for the first time, particularly if you’ve never used any equipment or want to start weight or strength training. It can be overwhelming to choose from the wide selection of gym equipment! Additionally, figuring out how to use a piece of equipment once you’ve chosen it […]

How To Learn Olympic Lifting (For Beginners)

Olympic weightlifting is regarded as the most prestigious strength sport because of its rich history in the olympic games, exacting technique, awareness of one’s body, and overwhelming strength.  Even though it’s an obvious demonstration of strength, most gym lifters will never even try, much less pursue, a snatch or clean. This is because the movements […]

Sugar & Weightlifting: How To Deal With Sugar Cravings

Following an intense strength workout, you find yourself longing to stare wistfully at the tub of ice cream in the freezer rather than reaching for the protein-rich chicken salad you cooked earlier. Perhaps after eating the salad, all you could think about was the chocolate chip cookies that you had hidden in the cupboards as […]

How To Learn To Lift Weights the Right Way

So you want to learn to lift weights? That’s what we love to hear at Strength Ambassadors! Lifting weights obviously has fantastic physical benefits like increased muscle mass but it’s also great for your mental health, especially when you hit your targets and feel that confidence boost radiating through you! However, unfortunately it isn’t as […]

How To Improve Your Snatch Technique (3 Tips)

One of the first things a beginner weightlifter will want to perfect is their snatch technique, but it’s actually easier said than done! I still see seasoned lifters struggle with this particular move, as long as you start in the squat position and manage to fling the bar overhead you’re fine, right? Well, no actually! […]

Anxious About Going To The Gym? Here’s Some Advice…

The mere thought of going to the gym could cause your heart to race and your sweat glands to activate, but not in anticipation of the heart-pumping activity that awaits you. Instead, it’s possible that feelings of worry and anxiety are preventing you from really committing to a regular gym regimen. 60% of people are […]

How Technology is Reshaping the Fitness Industry

Technology has become an integral part of our lives in the modern era, completely changing various industries and our daily routines. It has brought about a revolution in the way we live, work, and play. Advancements in technology have also impacted the fitness industry, leading to a new era of health and wellness. Technology is […]

Your Guide To Solid Bench Press Spotting

A really easy way to know that you’ve picked a great strength gym is that everyone is willing to help you and be your spotter, but if someone asked for your help would you know how to be a good spotter? When someone asks you to help spot the bench press, it may not seem […]