Success Stories

“Some of our recent testimonials…”

“I’ve really enjoyed pushing it a little bit more every week” – Pippa, Ladies Who Lift member


Pippa has been coming to Ladies Who Lift for a year and a half. Having tried numerous other fitness activities, it’s the only thing she’s stuck to for more than about 3 weeks! Pippa has enjoyed adding weight gradually, and has worked up to a 100kg deadlift!



“Everything in my life is easier” – Melanie, personal training client

Melanie has been working with Strength Ambassadors since April 2015. Significant milestones achieved include deadlifting 100kg, squatting 80kg learning the olympic lifts and box jumping 27 inches!
It wasn’t all plain sailing either. During the time Mel has been working with us, we have overcome mobility restrictions from an old ankle injury that prevented Mel from squatting properly; and rehabbed a back injury (incurred while rowing, not lifting!). With Sally’s expert help, Mel has come back from injury stronger than ever.




“Ladies Who Lift has been a massive confidence booster!” – Angela, Ladies Who Lift member

Angela has been coming to Ladies Who Lift for 3 months. When she first started she was – by her own admission – weak with ‘noodle-y arms’.

A previous cardio bunny, she is now confidently lifting heavy weights, has taken part in a strongwoman workshop, and is about to do her first strength competition!


“It’s a lot of fun!” – Sanjay, Olympic Lifting classes

Regular gym goer Sanjay wanted a new challenge, something more powerful and explosive than his normal gym training! After completing our beginners course, he enjoyed the olympic lifts so much that he continued regular weekly classes to refine his technique and get even stronger.

“It just feels brilliant!” – Holly, Olympic Lifting for Beginners course


Holly had never lifted weights before and was really worried that she wouldn’t even be able to lift the bar. But she surprised herself with how much she was able to achieve, and really got hooked on the amazing feeling of lifting a heavy weight.


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