Introduction To Powerlifting


SATURDAY 29th JUNE 1-3pm. SATURDAY 20th JULY 1-3pm. SATURDAY 31st AUGUST 2-4pm.

Getting Started with Strength Building

Are you new to powerlifting?

If you’ve never weight lifted before, we invite you to complete our Intro to Powerlifting workshop. This 2-hour workshop will teach you the fundamental technique and proper training for the power lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift.

The workshop can be either a standalone experience, or can be a pathway into our regular classes.

The Intro to Powerlifting training workshop includes the following elements:

  • Warm up and mobility
  • Skill building drills
  • Deadlift technique
  • Squat technique
  • Bench press technique

You will leave knowing the essentials of good technique in the basic strength movements, along with an understanding of your particular areas to work on. This workshop isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ of powerlifting technique; rather, it is designed to get you started and give you confidence that this is something you can do.

Our Intro to Powerlifting workshop is designed to accommodate complete beginners, so we will meet you where you are at. You won’t be expected to lift ‘heavy’ right away, or do anything that you are not comfortable with.

You can learn technique with light weights or even with a stick. If any movements present a problem, there is generally a workaround or an alternative, so don’t worry if you feel you have movement limitations.

“Fabulous day and definitely feel more confident.”
– Ros B

“The combination of your knowledge and professional approach to teaching is amazing and would be difficult to find anywhere else.” – Sharon W

Continuing your Strength Building

This workshop is also your pathway into our Building Strength and Ladies Who Lift classes. If you are new to lifting, you need a basic grounding in lifting techniques in order to participate safely in the classes.

If you already have some experience with the power lifts, and have the basic technique, you could choose to skip the workshop and move straight to classes. If you would like to do this, do please contact us to discuss it.

Benefits of Powerlifting

  • It’s among the best methods for building muscle and strength.
  • If you follow a well-designed programme and employ the right technique, it’s one of the healthiest and safest ways to maintain your fitness.
  • It’s a fantastic sport for all levels of lifters and weight class, from beginners to experts, as it is simple to do, and ultimately it is just you against the bar. Whatever weight is on the bar, if it’s a challenge for you, you can feel proud and successful in the sport of powerlifting.

Bottom line: If you’re new to weightlifting or an experienced lifter who wants to get as strong as possible, you should learn about powerlifting.

Intro to Powerlifting Workshop Dates

The standalone workshop price is £55. This workshop can also be booked using the Kickstart Offer combined membership.

Here are the upcoming dates for Intro to Powerlifting. Please click on a date to book:

Saturday 29 June, 1pm-3pm

Saturday 20 July, 1pm-3pm

Saturday 31 August, 2pm-4pm


Strength Ambassadors
71 Holland Road
West Ham
London E15 3BP

The gym is a 5 minute walk from West Ham station. Free car parking is also available. West Ham is on Jubilee, District, Hammersmith & City, DLR and national rail.

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