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Meet the Strength Ambassadors coaching team!

Sally Moss, owner and strength coach

Hi, I’m Sally.

I love sharing my passion for lifting weights with others. The thing I love most about lifting is feeling strong and powerful. I also like the challenge and the sense of achievement I get from making progress, however small.

My mission is to provide a safe and supportive place for you to learn to lift and continue to improve your strength for the long term.

I first walked into a gym in my twenties to lose a bit of weight and get fit. I never thought that it would be my career. However, after trying several different careers and being disappointed in them, I decided to take the plunge and follow my passion: sharing my love of strength training with others.

I’ve enjoyed competing in powerlifting and weightlifting for the last ten years. I’m a qualified coach in both sports. I’ve been British Masters champion (2017) and British Senior bronze medallist (2013) in olympic weightlifting. Over the years I’ve worked for and learned from great coaches and practitioners in strength training.

My favourite moments as a coach are when my athletes start to make decisions for themselves and take charge of their own progress. Then I know that I’ve paid it forward and created something sustainable.

Rachael Parkman, strength coach

I’m Rachael.

I love challenging myself to see what I can lift, whether that’s powerlifting, Olympic lifting or Strongman – if it’s lying around, I’ll have a go at lifting it! It’s so motivating to see yourself progress over time, and know you are getting stronger. It’s also brilliant for the mind – if you can lift weights, even when you’re a little bit nervous, you can do anything!

My aim is to help you learn to lift safely, to understand why we lift the way we do, and to build your confidence in the gym.

I’m not someone who was always into fitness or weights. I didn’t touch a barbell until my late 30s, I never enjoyed being in a gym, and I definitely didn’t ever find strength training easy! I know what it’s like to be a beginner, to find it hard to get the technique right, to feel that progress is slow. I can promise you that I’ll always encourage you to keep going and I’ll always work with you to find the right movement for you, so you get the most out of every session.

Sarah Hilton, olympic weightlifting coach

Hi, I’m Sarah,

I’m passionate about Olympic Weightlifting; the skill, speed, strength, power, mobility, flexibility and fearlessness that this sport develops is unrivalled.

I love the feeling you get from building more strength and overcoming challenges in Weightlifting.

My mission is to find the one thing – be it a cue, exercise, position or postural adjustment that will make the biggest difference to your movement today, and every day until long after we’ve reached your goals.

My background is in Martial Arts, Rugby and CrossFit and I have focused solely on Olympic Weightlifting since 2014 – now I use these skills to help people in all sports and fields to improve.

As a BWL Level 2 Coach I hold the highest accreditation currently available from the sports national body, I compete internationally at Masters level and I’m a Level 3 National Referee meaning I have your training covered from every angle, whether you want to get fit and strong, or actually go to the Olympics.


StrengthHub E15
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The gym is a 5 minute walk from West Ham station. Free car parking is also available. West Ham is on Jubilee, District, Hammersmith & City, DLR and national rail.

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